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September Bike of the Month Winner - Tecate!

With 100% of the vote we have a new bike of the month winner! Congratulations!


This is still a work in progress but here it goes...

Year: 2005
Model: GSX-R1000
Exhaust: Akrapovic full system
Fairings: Race fairings (K8 tail), Puig windscreen, carbon front fender + modified SES race front fairing bracket
and modified K7 1000 Motoholders race rear subframe
Wheels: Galespeed Type-R with fully floating Brembo front discs and cut oem rear disc
magnesium PVM rear wheel with a fully floating brake disc
For street - stock wheels with fully floating ISR front discs and cut oem rear disc

Engine/electronics related accessories / mods:
-Full K8 1000 electronics swap
-Custom ECU bin file with deceleration fuel cut disabled
-ECU is fully remapped on a dyno (fuel and ignition maps)
-Custom secondary throttle plate maps to reduce engine braking + all the other normal ECU stuff...
-Modified K8 1000 pistons
-Decked head and block - CR is around 14:1
-APE cam gears and custom degreed K8 1000 cams
-APE ti valve retainers
-Yoshimura valve cotters
-BMC filter
-Short billet velocity stacks in the middle
-Factory pro shift star
-Drilled clutch basket
-K8 1000 hydraulic clutch swap
-PAIR sucker mod
-Woodcraft stator cover
-Carbon clutch cover
-R&G idle gear cover
-K8 1000 radiator with a guard
-Samco radiator hoses
-Relocated Shindingen FH020AA R/R
-A123 battery with an Anderson quick connector
-Woolich Racing Logbox and Zeitronix wideband O2
-Cordona PQ8 quickshifter and DIY shiftlight
-Keyless ignition
-Probolt ti sump bolt
Bike dynoed 178rwhp, a friend's 2015 BMW S1000RR 182rwhp - both on the same dyno, same week and similar conditions.

Other mods:
-Spondon swingarm with a linear linkage, quickrelease axle and Brembo brake caliper
-Modified K5 swingarm bosses to suit K1-K4 1000 swingarm axle
-Modified SU149 Íhlins rear shock to suit the current setup
-K9 front forks with Andreani factory cartridge kit
-K9 front calipers
-ABM upper triple tree + PP-tuning nut
-Renthal clip ons
-Motion Pro Revoler throttle kit
-Brembo 19x18 brake M/C with a folding IRC lever
-Brembo clutch M/C (Ducati 1098) with a folding Gilles lever
-Steel braided lines brakes&clutch
-Lightech rearsets
-DIY exhaust hanger lol
-Ti bolts for brake discs etc...

I probably forgot something. The frame and fuel tank are basically the only stock parts...
The coming winter I'm going to paint the fairings, new exhaust hanger, Yoshimura Type A gearbox, IRC Race traction control,
install easily removable lights and license plate holder.

And the story: I started riding with a Honda NSR125. Sold it and didn't have a bike for 7 years. Then in 2008 I bought my GSX-R K1 750. The normal story, I was planning to keep it pretty stock - you know how it goes. Two years ago I found a cheap K5 1000 engine and a friend fully rebuilt it along with the mods. I did the 1K engine swap using Hybrid racing mounts. A year ago I meat a guy who had a spare K5 1000 frame with a title. He sold it to me for a good price. Swapping the frame was pretty much only reasonable way to upgrade to a newer bike.

K1 with a few mods

K1 with K5 1000 engine

New frame

First time riding with this setup

Did my first ever race

Track day two weeks ago

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