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With 50% of the total vote, Two-Bit has taken the May spot.


I'm almost done with my bike, but I'll add my submission anyways. I'm adding the Brembo GP4-RX calipers with the Brembo HP rotors this week. That should finally complete it.

Purchased this from a good friend of mine who no longer rides just this past December. I decided to use this for track only having coming back from a 4 year break due to a baby. I was fortunate to have met a racer who happened to be parting out his bike with all top shelf parts. Here's my list of mods:

- Woodcraft keyless ignition
- Woodcraft stator cover
- Woodcraft clutch cover
- Motion pro quick turn throttle
- TechSpec3 tank pad
- Removed light switch
- Lightech rearsets
- Yoshimura R7 full system
- Velocity stacks
- Ohlins TTX36
- Ohlins 25mm cartridge
- Ohlins steering damper
- R6 Monblock brake calipers
- Bazazz fuel management, traction control, and quick shifter with handle bar control
- Marchesini aluminum forged 10 spoke
- Brembo RCS19
- Brembo Clutch lever

I'm probably a slow A, fast B pace rider at this point since I'm just getting back to doing trackdays. I am in no way riding to the potential of all the bling parts I have, but I don't care. I just love wrenching on my bike and building it the way I like it. It's so therapeutic to work on my bike and I take joy in doing that as well as riding it.

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