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FI fault...2001 GSX1000R: Please help!

Throughtout these posts seems most are just having the fault light appear, but my bike always sputters a bit as it comes on indicating it's a little more than just a fault light problem. It only happens at low RPMs, but can happen at the beginning of my ride before its completely warmed up or after a long highway ride. There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern, but it does happen about 4 out of 5 times on the bike.
I've taken it to the Suzuki dealer twice and the first time they adjusted the idle and all that changed was that it idles faster. The next trip they replaced all 4 injectors claiming rust, but all that changed was making my bank account smaller. At the same time the guy said he gave me a new map and I could tell a difference in performance (very, very strong), but it will still sputter at low RPMs and the FI light is right back. I can reset it by turning off the ignition, but it will come back.

Add ons: Previously it had a Power Commander that started acting up, so it was removed by those same Suzuki guys. It also has a Jardine slip on exhaust and a GPS tracking system with Alarm & back-up battery.

In reading these posts I will attempt to get the code using the tips I've read, but does anyone have any suggestions of what may be the cause?

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