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Hey guys. Im new to this site and Im looking for a bit of information. Ive read a lot about the testing of the stva but I cant seem to come up with a fix for my issue. Im on an 08 600 and while racing the other weekend I noticed that an injector was hung open. I happened to have a spare throttle body assembly with me so I just swapped it out and put the original stva on the new assembly. I couldn't get the stva to sync correctly. I noticed with the original setup the butterflies were closed with ignition off. When I turned the ignition on they would fully open then close again. After the swap they open probably 1/16th of the way and close back and makes a humming/buzzing sound. I pulled it back off. Opened the stva(turned completely ccw) and opened the butterflies, reinstalled and cycled the key. It completely closed, opened the 1/16th then closed and more humming. Obviously, Im missing something somewhere. Help, please?
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