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Originally Posted by Wraith_Rider View Post
I was wearing regular jeans at the time, for summer I am about to get a mesh jacket and mesh pants, currently considering Alpinestars, Dianese, Fly, and Rev It.

But yes, my jacket was plenty warm with the liner up until around freezing. Then with a sweat shirt or hoodie under the Joe Rocket Atomic Ion 5.0, I was plenty warm even below freezing.

Now that is has been over 90 degrees and high humidity here in Illinois, I definitely need some mesh because even with my Joe Rocket jacket opened up, it will flow air but still be too thick and hot. I will be dying sitting at lights!
Word, it's when you stop that it starts getting steamy....The fitment on the Astars, Dianese, and Revit will prob be EU so it's harder to pull off unless you can go try them on somewhere just letting you know in case u didn't. Joe Rocket comes in S M L and they are all waist adjustable as well so it was an easy decision. I bought a few pairs of pants before I settled on these..all online cuz Cycle Gear is far from me and didn't really have that much in stock when I did go.

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you have in your hands one of the nicest looking bikes I've ever seen. Great work! That is a beautiful bike.

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