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Originally Posted by Racerxxxgsxr1000 View Post
You can put a jack under the bike and loosen the front fork clamps and let the fork tops go further through the trees. But remember too much and your front fender can touch your upper fairing.

You might also want to buy an adjustable sidestand so its quick and easy to lengthen and shorten the stand.

If you look, you can find threaded dog bones/ rear links, so a couple wrenches is all thats needed to raise and lower.
Here's a PSR stand used
Just dont buy one too cheap, it might be junk.
Very helpful, thank you! Now I am not even sure I need to flat foot it as I finally figured out how to and actually messed with the suspension for the first time.

As this is my first sport bike (so I had nothing to compare to), I noticed the bike seemed very unstable when I got it. At low speeds, it is not very confidence inspiring and felt weird, unstable being the closest word I can come up with to describe it! At high speeds, say 60+ on the tollway, the bike felt kind of weird too. Like too bouncy in the front and too stiff in the back, making it feel like the geometry was off.

So I set the suspension to stock settings (I have not adjusted the rear shock damper yet, no tool but I might use a hammer/punch if it will not jack up the teeth on it). To put it bluntly, my co-worker had it beyond jacked up! It was all over the place, and the two fork sides had different settings! So I set it to stock, with a little extra damping in the front to compensate for my weight, which is above the 160-170 lbs the stock suspension settings were set for.

No more instability at low/higher speeds, turns feel way more confident, and now the bike correctly goes over bumps. Before the front would bounce nearly properly but the rear end was so stiff it would move with the bump. The bike felt like it had barely any suspension before, now the front and rear glide over bumps and actually move it it, like they should.

I know my co-worker was doing wheelies with it, perhaps he had it set up to make them easier? Not sure but this feels like a whole new bike now. He is built kind of like me, but taller by 2" and not as stocky as me. I am guessing our weights are about the same.

My dad and wife are going to help me set proper sag for me in a little while, should make it even better.

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