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See the above post, I managed to get the suspension to exactly where I want it!

My co-worker, whom I always get along with, kind of lied to me about the bike which I am not too happy with.

He said it was already lowered the day I bought it from him, but there is no evidence to support that. The triple tree is flush, the rear was raised from stock settings with the lock collar. No lowering link is installed. Strangely, the kickstand appears to be cut or bent from stock, because I think lowered 2" it would sit about right. Unless he removed the lowering link and had the bike set back to stock height, I am not sure.

He said it has newer tires, but both appear to be the original Dunlops the bike comes with from the factory. They were worn smooth and were a big contributor to my accident I am sure! They longer even make the Dunlop original Qualifiers afaik, they are on the Qualifier 3's now. Scary for a 22k mile bike (what it was at the time of my accident).

He said it was tuned up and serviced before he put it away for the winter. The K&N surprise air filter was filthy dirty and obviously not touched for a long time. The spark plugs looked old and were black. The butterfly valves had deposits on them, looking like they were never or barely cleaned.

He said it had 19k miles, it actually had 22k the day I brought it home.

I even found a fake $100 bill that looked like it had been printed under the rider seat (wrong paper, size, but looked nearly authentic at first glance).

If I knew what I did now, I would have never bought the bike after seeing the lies, but I was excited to get the bike, it looked good, and I had seen him bring it to work a few times. Now I am glad I did, but he had the bike messed up. I know he was doing wheelies with his friends, might explain the front low/back high posture of the bike mine always had until now.

I learned a lot.

1. Never take people, even people you are cool with, for their word when it comes to buying/selling to them. I would have never duped him in his place, I would have been honest with him about everything. Even a stranger.

2. Examine the bike before you buy it, negotiate with them. I bought it for $3700, should have paid about $3200-3000. He wanted $3750 for it, so got almost what he wanted for it. I just put nearly $1500 in it to restore it to tuned up/new tire condition.

I was so anxious to get the bike, and it was brutally cold out, that I did not do what I normally would do. It looked good and I know he takes care of his car at work, so I blindly believed him. Never again, you live and learn.

2005 K5 GSXR 600
-Fully restored and painted by myself
-Carbon fiber bar ends and levers
-Shinko Stealth 003 tires
-NGK Iridium Spark plugs

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