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Originally Posted by apiazza View Post
I was talking to a guy with the predator and he just recommended paying the couple bucks for the protection plan because he walked and they replaced it with new, no questions asked after it blew something pretty early on.

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Originally Posted by tigerblade View Post
I'd like to retire my generator and pick up a quiet inverter.
Done and done. $50 off coupon, plus the 2 year plan. I have a shady friend who said take some old shavings and drop them in the spark hole, drain the oil and save it. Run it till it blows, then pour the oil back in. Do this about a week before the "plan" is up. I can't do that because I'm far more ethical. But I bought the 2 year plan for just over 100. I think I was out the door for $570. Got it filled with oil and gas and ran it with a light load for about 20 minutes in the garage. All good. I think good purchase over all.
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