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I'm just glad he didn't slide under me. I'm pretty good about riding my own ride and not being concerned with what's going on around me. If someone crashes in front of you in a turn, don't worry since inertia will clear them away. It's when someone turns you and your bike into a human bowling pin that really fucks up your day.

My dad is retired and isn't busy that whole weekend. He said he'd travel with me. But almost 300 for hotel, plus another 300 for the day/garage, I'm weather watching this one. As of right now, they're forecasting dry for several days, and rain starting Friday. So it might be a wet weekend. Add to that there's a trackday at Putnam with Indy Ducati on the 25th, the money factor of this one is painful. If it wasn't for my dad going (he's 70), I'd probably just camp.

Has anyone been to the chili cook-off and fundraiser party? How long does it last? I might be able to trim that down if I drive home Saturday night.
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