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I have no reason think there was a Power Commander, and I haven't noticed one yet. Nor do I see any harness tampering evidence, not that I've searched as completely as possible.
Pulled the camshaft position sensor. Looked perfectly normal, no mung or debris. Now, during the freeze plug replacement I did clean the interior of the valve cover with mineral spirits, as the white goo was quite thick. The Missus, a chef by trade, pronounced the cover to be frosted on the inside.
However, a short test ride had the same bogging issue and produced the same C24-27 code.
Think I may be yanking some injectors or something. I too was not sold on that as the issue, but if there were no electronic gadgetry involved, I would have taken the initial symptoms to be interrupted fuel flow anyway.
I've done a lot of derelicts over the decades (none this modern) so I'm pretty much accustomed to that sort of thing. In fact, I just R+R-ed the carbs on a $300 Concours for the third time and replaced the dang pilot jets. Still got issues, but it ran pretty cleanly for a 15-mile loop and got home under its own power.
Still, appreciate the suggestions.

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