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The ECM connections appeared to be in good order. I have yet to find anywhere on this bike a corroded connection. Typically, if you've got one you've got several, but those parts seem clean.
I replaced the spark plugs. The ones in there actually looked quite good for their age; they seem to be a good 5K miles old at the least, but the color was nice and there was no fouling and little electrode deterioration if any. But, new ones in there now.
Fired it up, and sure enough, whack the throttle and I get C24-27.
Having just also put on some new Pirelli Diablo Corso IIIs and a new battery, along with lots of oil and sundries, I'm denting the available budget. Not quite wrecked it yet, so maybe I can extract enough for new coils. Since, after all, the thing thinks there's a coil problem.
So now torn between the aftermarket one at a buck and a quarter or Ebay-ed used stockers. Going four hundred for new OEMs is a bit tough.
Possibly not relevant, but I also have a ZRX and the ZRX forum is wonderful beyond belief. I have noted threads over time where the poster converted his Rex to stick coils and then went back since the stick coils were not as reliable. I'm not saying that has a lot of bearing here, but it does come to mind.
This GSXR shows about 22,000 miles (and no crash evidence!)
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