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Read me first before posting anywhere!
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Club Level and Trackdays

Forum for Club Level Racers and Trackday Events and Discussion
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Hot Breaking News

News about everything!
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Racing news and events.

Who's going, who went, or who won.
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GSXR Ride of the Month

Get your ride featured at by entering the Ride of the Month contest!
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GSXR News from
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Shop Review

Please list the City and State (or City and Country) where the shop is located in your title as well as the name of the shop.
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Product review

Bought something and want to write up a review on how it performed? This section is for you
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Gear Reviews

Please review and discuss gear choices here.
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Tech and performance chat.

General questions and answers about tech and performance issues.
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Does this fit?

A place to discuss interchangeable parts
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Builders Corner

Welcome to the builders corner! This section of the forum is where you show of your builds! The beautiful part of these machines, and any motorized toy is how we make em our own. No two are the same. If your building something now, or have built something in the past this is where you show it off! We dont want simple pics in this section*, we want the details! Post pics with details on what you did, how you did, why you did it and when possible let us follow along as you do it! Show us whatch 'yet buildin! *Posts that are just pics have their place in the forum, this is for build threads!
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Oil and Lubrication

Got questions about motorcycle oil and lubrication? Seek answers here.
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Suspension and Tire Tech

For all discussions related to your suspension and Tire set-ups.
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New riders and members.

New to the site or just new to riding? Come on in and introduce yourself.
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  • 8.4M Site issues and Help.

If you are having issues with the site, post here.
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General GSXR Chat

Anything that doesn't fit in other forums and is GSXR related.
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GSXR-Ladies lounge.

A general GSXR forum for the ladies.
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Drag Racing

For those who like the longer wheel based brew of GSXR's Sponsored by RC's Performance
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Tribute to the Fallen

This is a forum for Fallen Riders and Friends.
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Been there crashed that? Do tell.
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Show us what your pimpin down the road.
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Vids and Pics

For all the motorcycle related pics and vids that don't fit in the other forums.
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Think your hot stuff? Then post some of your best work here for all to enjoy.
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For Sale

Available to all regular, non commercial users after 30 days and a minimum post count of 50 is reached. Commercial users need to be a site sponsor before posting here. Thanks!
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Got something you need? Post here and maybe we can help.
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eBay Auction Links Section

Post up your eBay auction links in this section. This Forum is for all members.
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Vendors This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

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RC's Performance

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Members Only

Supporting Vendors Forum

Private forum for staff and vendors to interact in.
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Regional Chat

North West

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the North West
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Northern California

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the NoCal.
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South West

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the South West
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Southern California

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the Socal.
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Mid West

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the Mid West
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Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the Lone Star State.
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South East

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the South East
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Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the Sunshine State
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North East

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the North East
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New York/ New Jersey/ Connecticut

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in the Tri State Area.
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Post about rides/events/stolen bikes in Canada
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Outside USA/Canada

Post about rides/events/stolen bikes outside the USA or Canada
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