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GSX R 600
Flat Black
Bought the bike in May 2015 with just under 3000 miles on it. Got a hell of a steal as I sold my 2006 Katana for it. Before I get grief about having a Katana keep in mind it was not stock at all, light weight race ratio sprockets, turbo, Dan Moto exhaust, custom air box, fuel pump, wide rear tire, lowered, and weight reduction. all custom work by yours truly. Nothing really notable on this bike yet few minor changes. Did remove the factory muffler (aka lead box), now running a straight pipe mini muffler mod I made up. Did have tinted lenses but removed as they were way to dark. Added a couple of led accent lights to the body work just to give it a nice subtle touch at night. Replaced the worn out grips, added crash lever protect bar ends. Looking to do ECU mod, turbo, 750 head and ECU swap, and few others as I get to it.
2007 Suzuki GSX R 600 (Flat Black)



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