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I had a friend/customer bring this bike to me at the end of July 2015. I needed to know the story history of the bike so he started like this. bought the bike in 2007 with just over 1k on it. Instantly fell in love with the bike. Being in the military we have to move when the call is there. In 2008-2010 we had this awesome military cut back that started to really hit everyone in the navy hard. I enlisted to become a submarine person and got told that I either had to choose a new job or get out of the navy. Being that I liked my job I choose a new job which is now a aviation mechanic. The day that I got accepted into the program to go to school I got a 2 day window before I had to have all of my stuff packed up to go to Pensicola, FL for school. Completed that and got my orders to a squadron over on the east coast. Got told I was getting deployed sent my bike from Hawaii to Kentucky to my dads house that was 2008. deployed came back deployed again and returned home for another six months got told that I was needed overseas in japan to help out another squadron that is stationed there. I did 4 years of my duty over in japan came back state side deployed again finally hit some well deserved shore duty. Went to visit my dad and found out that my bike had been knocked over and he is to old and weak to be able to pick it up and take care of it. From 2008-2013 my bike had been layed on its left side in a tomato garden getting ate away by dirt rain bugs spider mice ect ect... you name it I am sure that its probably there. Brought the bike out to California in the end of 2013 beginning of 2014 and was just going to sell it for 3500 and take my loss. My dad said he owed me a new bike and there was new exception. (this is when he asked me for help)
how long would it take you to be able to get my bike running and all back together nice and pretty so I have my dream back again.---me: give me minimum of two days I will guarantee you I will have it started. it might run like shit but I will have it started. --him-- deal I need a list of everything you will need to be able to do whatever it is that you need. just let me know what you need ordered and I will order it all that day and have it shipped directly to you. --Me-- deal (my eyes started watering in tears of joy. best bike ever built and I get to fix her up yes--
enough story fast forward: So ripped everything apart bike up on stands parts list: ok man what are you wanting his only want is orange. so I think I went over kill but hey.
Orange black fairing kit
orange bolt kit
danmoto orange rearsets
orange and black levers
new conti motion2 tires
votex chain and sprocket kit -1 +2
black undertail
smoked rear turn signals
smoked brake light
front mirrors with smoked signals
front forks rebuilt and cleaned race tech internals set for rider
rear shock serviced cleaned and put back adjusted for rider
k&n race filter
engine ice coolant
lucas synthetic oil
platinum iridium plugs
stator cover- old ones paint was flaking off still good
master cylinder
clutch line
rear brake fluid supply line
brake fluid change (about 5 times to make sure water and dirt free)
core black stainless brake lines front rear and from master cylinder
new horn
house of colors primer gloss black and clear paint.

cleaning stuff
4 cans of engine bright engine degreaser
toilet bowl brush
tooth brush
misc pipe brushes about 30 deff sizes
brake cleaner
multiple baths
micro fibers
wax a lot of it
2006 Suzuki GSXR1000 (Orange/Black)



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