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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, new member here in need of some assistance! I have a GSXR 1000 K3 UK model (Scotland here). A couple of months back I had an issue regarding my Data tool S3 the bike came fitted with and could no longer get the bike to start even bypassing the alarm as described on the internet I...
  2. Does this fit?
    Hi! Somebody knows if the rearset/pegs fits from a K4 1000 to a k5 1000? I order one pair and now when i get it home i saw it fits K4, and i have a k5. doh... Does this fits the K5? or does i must buy a new one? "Product Description: This is a nice part for your bike (This is a aftermarket...
  3. Wanted
    Hello all you GSX-R fanatics. My name is John. I am new here to the forum but not new to street bikes. I've been riding motorcycles for 43 years and have had multiple streetbikes. Suzuki GSX-R's are my favorite and I'm looking for a 2001 GSX-R 1000 that is in great condition and has been well...
1-3 of 3 Results