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  1. Technical FAQ's
    Hi all, Hope you can help me with the following. I have a coolant leak coming from the water pump, see picture: I already have changed the O-ring on the coolant side, however, the leak remains, this was the old O-ring: So, my guess is that the leak is coming from the seal water pump...
  2. Tech and performance chat.
    07 GSXR 600 new rider Got the bike with zero problems took it pretty hard ride about 100° out never ran over 220oil temp. Stop to fuel up notice that was leaking green fluid found out it was coolant got home took the faring off check my coolant level is right under the bottom line. I don’t know...
  3. Oil and Lubrication
    Just got the bike, had to out in a new fuel pump, battery, and topped off fluids. Went for a ride and got back and the siteglass for the oil was milky and the bike was clearly overheating, not to a shutoff point but enough that the radiator had steam coming from the cap when id rev it, drained...
  4. General GSXR Chat
    Hey this is my first post here idk how this g work so dont bully me lol 😂, well the bike i have rn i have put together by buying two crashed bikes the engine and frame is from one and the throttle bodies , radiator and basically everything else is from the other one , the issue is after...
1-4 of 4 Results