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  1. Tech and performance chat.
    Hi, I own a GSX-R125 and have recently had a problem I cannot solve. The dash backlight won't shut down even with the key removed, have disconnected the battery for a little while to let the bike settle but reconnected over 12 hours later to find the backlight is still turning on (although...
  2. Tech and performance chat.
    Hi everyone, ive recently been having some dash issues on my GSXR. Before i explain the bike has installed on it an anatori quickshifter and dyno jet power commander. Just the other week while i was riding the dash board turned off completely while I was riding through the twisties, everything...
  3. Tech and performance chat.
    Hi guys. On my 750 k8 earlier and the dash just switched off. Basically now my dash doesn’t work at all, just have the red key light flashing but starts and runs perfectly fine. My indicators, tail light and brake light won’t work either but headlight and main beam work fine. I’ve checked...
1-3 of 3 Results