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  1. Tech and performance chat.
    Hey i’m new to the forum! i’ve been browsing it occasionally but i officially need the help so badly that i joined lol. i picked up a 07 gsxr 1000 last weekend. when i’m cruising at super low rpm (2-3k) everything is fine. once i put in under load, it wont go any higher than 4k rpm. here’s...
  2. Tech and performance chat.
    Hey I’m new here, I just bought an 03 gsxr 600 just over a month ago. It ran perfectly for 3 weeks and then started having fuel issues. Mixed some Lucas injector cleaner with the gas and it solved the problem for about a day. Tried it again the next day with no luck. I bypassed the oem fuel...
  3. Tech and performance chat.
    So I bought a pretty neglected 750 fr nearly 20 years ago, ran great on test drive and then I put some gas in and it grabbed onto all of the rust on the tank. Cleaned the filter and pump, cleaned the rust out of the tank and put everything together, started up great but the cluster gauge didn't...
1-3 of 3 Results