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  1. GSX-R750 Wont start

    Tech and performance chat.
    I recently dropped my GSX-R750 from a standstill as I made a rookie mistake and didn't have the kickstand completely out. It was only down for about 15 seconds before I picked it up. It did kill the engine when it fell. However when I went to start it back up nothing happened. When the key is...
  2. 06 GSXR 600 radiator problem

    General GSXR Chat
    I’m trying to install a switch for the fan on my radiator but I don’t see a temperature switch anywhere on the radiator and yet my fan still turns on at around 218-220F Where do I have to splice into to install a switch for my fan
  3. 2011 GSXR750 ($6,000)

    For Sale
    Hello, I have placed my 2011 GSXR 750 on the market. No problems with it, virtually no scratches, No frame or fairing damage and it is a clean titled motorcycle with 15,500 original miles on it. new tires. This bike is always garage kept out of the elements and runs strong. It has a couple...
  4. K7/8 1000 cams set in k5/6 1000!! Results,Dyno,Gains!!

    Tech and performance chat.
    All you need to know about this Mod! I would like to share the best mod i've ever done with low cost! Gsxr 1000 k5 by ZIKOS DRAG TEAM, GREECE Dyno tests are on same dyno with 9 days gap from 1st test to 2nd! Dyno Before Mod Bone stock motor,head, etc.! (17/42T 530, full stainless steel...