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  1. Does this fit?
    Hi everyone i have k3 gsxr 600 and my forks are bent because of a crash soo, because i plan to do some track day riding i was wondering if i can put front forks from a 750 k1-k3 gsxr and also rear swingarm can i fit rear wheel of 600 to 750 swingarm? And also can a 600 front wheel fit an 750...
  2. General GSXR Chat
    I recently bought a 2016 750 with a 200/55r17 tire and it rubs against the rear hugger. Any suggestions that don’t require taking it off or getting a smaller tire? Do they make different sized huggers?
  3. Tech and performance chat.
    Good morning afternoon or evening Having a spot of trouble with my '88 gsxr 750j slingshot After 4 weeks of troubling misfire and a cylinder down I've narrowed my possible suspects The fuel tap is broken in the on position , when I suck the vac line fuel comes out the gas lines and fills...
  4. Tech and performance chat.
    Hey guys I got a 06 GSXR 750. Had it sitting for a while during a hurricane, checked the tank and there was water in the fuel tank. anyone got atutorial on how to do a whole fuel system clean up.I never started the bike, so would I still need to clean the fuel lines or just the tank. TIA
  5. Tech and performance chat.
    I have a 07 gsxr 750 I’ve replaced the Stator , Rectifer, and battery but battery won’t stay charged and it dies after a day of riding , but if I put on a new battery it’ll start right up and run just fine I used a volt meter it’s at 12.4 but when I put the volt meter on the battery posts and...
  6. Tech and performance chat.
    Hello i have a gsxr 750 2006, the bike used to start up with no issues, i let it run and then it cut out because of low fuel and did not start again. The lights on speedo comes on but doesn't not turn over, only starts up with a booster, runs for 10-15secs and cuts out and the lights all come...
  7. Tech and performance chat.
    Hey also on my 2013 750 I decided to try and takeoff the ugly passenger pegs. All four of the bolts were loctited in and I ended up getting one of them out the other three were stripped pretty good so I tried to hit it with a Dremel tool to create a slit to use a flat head on. So far you can...
  8. New riders and members.
    Well unfortunately recently my dad died. I miss the shit outta him I lost him to stage four colon cancer and being there with him to the end was one of the hardest things I have had to overcome in my life. He was diagnosed in august and died in may. Before his diagnosis he was healthy as a horse...
  9. Does this fit?
    Just trying to figure out what other year wheels are compatible with my k6. Please help me out!! Thanks in advance
  10. General GSXR Chat
    Hi! I have an 05 GSXR 750. My fuel strainer needed to be cleaned so I disassembled the pump and I put everything back together (Which I’ve done before without issue). But for some reason everytime I flip down the ignition switch the fuel pump wouldn’t prime and I’d blow a fuel fuse, obviously...
1-11 of 11 Results