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  1. General GSXR Chat
    Before getting new calipers my brakes worked but were pretty squishy. Recently I put 2004 Yamaha R1 calipers on my 06 GSXR750. Everything fits perfectly and no visible leaks anywhere. After bleeding the brakes and with no air bubbles coming out, there still doesn’t seem to be any pressure in the...
  2. Tech and performance chat.
    Need some help. 750 Srad 98'. Battery doesn't charge. Already changed, battery, rectifier, rotor, flywheel. And still not getting charged. Once you start the bike, and put the multimeter on the bike you see the battery draining instead or going above the 13v .. any ideas?? Thanks in advance
  3. Tech and performance chat.
    Hi, i have a problem with my bike the keyless ignition turns but it only makes a click when i try to start with the start button. if i hold it in it clicks 3 or so times and then it says "CHEC" on the dash. a few times it made a click and then started heavy/slow once but got up to speed. then i...
  4. Tech and performance chat.
    Whats up guys, im new to this site and have a problem that im really stumped on. My bike only starts up when i tilt it to the left. When i bridge the relay the bike starts standing up straight. So i replaced the relay and that wasnt the issue. I replaced the tilt sensor, still the same thinf...
  5. Tech and performance chat.
    I have a 2007 GSXR 750 and for some reason anytime I have the bike on and stoped (like say at a red light) I can’t pop it into neutral. But if I turn the bike off (or to go park) I’m capable of putting it into neutral. I have no idea what to do. It also seems that the gears are getting harder...
  6. General GSXR Chat
    So I have a 07 gsxr1000 with 22k miles On it. The fuel pump filter is clean and the fuel pump is brand new. A few weeks ago it would bog at full throttle but after holding the throttle for a few seconds it would free up and be able rev limit while I was riding. Now it bogs at 5k when full...
1-6 of 6 Results