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  1. I don’t wanna let anyone touch my toy!

    New riders and members.
    Hey all, I’m new to the motorcycle world, so I purchased an 03 GSXR 750 to practice mechanical, tech, and overall riding experience. The thought was to learn everything and do everything myself (I’m open to taking to shops for things out of my knowledge barrier. subject line was a...
  2. 07 gsxr1000 bog. Help!!!

    General GSXR Chat
    So I have a 07 gsxr1000 with 22k miles On it. The fuel pump filter is clean and the fuel pump is brand new. A few weeks ago it would bog at full throttle but after holding the throttle for a few seconds it would free up and be able rev limit while I was riding. Now it bogs at 5k when full...
  3. New to the neighborhood and looking for some info about older model GSXR's

    General GSXR Chat
    Looking for some advice regarding a Second gen 1989 GSX R1 100 I am thinking about buying. It's a barn find that's been sitting for 15 years give or take. Mechanically speaking, the bike looks pretty good actually and only has 14,000 miles and the carburetors are somehow in mint condition...