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    I have a question regarding auto shifter/blooper. I see I can put an auto-shifter on my ‘15 gsxr 1000, but I’m not seeing anything for an auto-blipper. I’m guessing they don’t make em for anything under ‘17? And for an auto shifter, I don’t have a PC5 installed in my bike, I don’t want one, had...
  2. Wanted
    Hello all you GSX-R fanatics. My name is John. I am new here to the forum but not new to street bikes. I've been riding motorcycles for 43 years and have had multiple streetbikes. Suzuki GSX-R's are my favorite and I'm looking for a 2001 GSX-R 1000 that is in great condition and has been well...
  3. Site Rules
    So my brother went to do a rolling burnout from a slow pull and busted the radiator hose, so he replaced all the radiator hoses and now at high rpms the bike bogs down, replaced fuel filter, sparkplugs, and kickstand sensor is removed, still bogs, runs fine drives okay but at like 7k+ bike bogs...
  4. Tech and performance chat.
    Hello guys, i have a suzuki gsxr 600 k9 with an arrow slip on and no cat..i have the bike 2 months in my hands..the problem is in low rpms from 0-3k bike laggs need more throttle to go..what it fault? maybe the excva? is the motor damaged?
  5. New riders and members.
    So I recently purchased a 99 GSXR750x (not sure what the x means but that’s what the title says anyways). I bought the bike for $100.00 cash and definitely know it’s fuel injected 😬 but that’s beside the point. The bike has sat in a garage for several years. Upon purchase I was told a fuel pump...
  6. Tech and performance chat.
    Hello, i have a 2006 Suzuki GSXR 750. I have problem with heating since the day i bought it. I replaced thermo, liquid, cleaned coolant system, mostly everything but the problem remains. It is going up to 110 degrees celsious which is not the problem since this is a sports bike, the problem is...
1-6 of 6 Results