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  1. Tech and performance chat.
    Need help! I have an Honda CB1100F 1983 and want to swap the front to an USD front with Brembo calipers. But the problem is my oem forks are 810-820mm long ( center axel-top triple tree) and Gsxr is 726mm? so i need to extend the forks, but can only find a kit for the 07-08 gsxr1000 and older...
  2. Does this fit?
    Hello, so I'm planning to swap stock GSXR 600 K6/7 Mirrors for some random ebay mirrors and look what seller told me. So by using his logic it fits 2009 gsxr 600 but not 2008 and that two bikes are the same. Also as far as i know k6 and k9 have same mirrors so i don't see any reason why it...
  3. Does this fit?
    Will a K8 600 rim fit an L7? 2011 and up years rims are the same. Are the rims from 2008 to 2010 also interchangeable with 2011+? Any changes in the rotors?
  4. Does this fit?
    Long story short, I bought my first bike from a private party. My brother rode it and checked it out to make sure everything was good and he didnt find any problem at the time. Got it home and couldn't ride yet for a few days due to weather. I took it out and made it approximately 9 miles...
1-4 of 4 Results