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  1. Tech and performance chat.
    I have a 2011 gsxr 600 that I just bought and the bike was fine and long story short I laid the bike down and my ignition got busted with the wreck and got the bike back home and the ignition wires were hanging so I put them in my hand and wiggled them till I got a connection and the fuel pump...
  2. Tech and performance chat.
    Brand new battery and have tested with multiple - tested with a meter as well Replaced the right handle bar kill switch and start assembly today to try and resolve and it did some weird things when I first started it up, but no real change in behavior I turn the kill switch to on and I turn the...
  3. Tech and performance chat.
    I have a 2016 Gsxr 600 and i went to go on a ride today, when I started my bike it was running good and then I forgot to put the kickstand up and popped it in to first gear and the bike shut off, when I went to try and start it it wouldn’t even light up. Now it still wont start or even light up...
  4. Tech and performance chat.
    Can’t get my gsxr 600 2001 started can anyone help? Much appreciated 👍
  5. Tech and performance chat.
    Hello everyone. I’ve been searching here and the Google for a couple days and I’m not finding any real answers so I decided to make a post. I have a K3 750 that had an overcharging problem. I didn’t realize it was overcharging and just thought my battery died, jumped the bike and rode at 70ish...
  6. Tech and performance chat.
    Hi All, I literally just signed up to ask this question in hopes that you guys will have some ideas on this one. I did some looking around prior but didn't find my exact issue. Here is the back story. I just pulled my 2002 GSXR 1000 out of storage. It was mechanically sound and ran great before...
1-6 of 6 Results