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I have a arrow full exhaust for a 01-04 gsxr 1000, but it should work on 05-06 also. I have put akropovic, ti force, and arata full exhaust from 01-04 on 05-06 with no problems.
I had the canister cut down to the length of the shorty version for the 05-06. refinished the canister and put new band clamps on it. titanium sleeve on the canister. carbon fiber muffler clamp, o2 sensor bung, and muffler hanger. hanger will only work on 01-04. not 05-06.
I got this from a road racer that was supposed to be sponsored by arrow. it has used head pipes, and canister. The two collector pipes, mid pipe, springs, header flanges, exhaust springs, and muffler stickers are all brand new never ben used. Whole exhaust looks like brand new except the header pipes. I figured I would leave the stickers off the canister so the new owner can put them exactly where they want them. I like the exhaust, just don't have a street bike to put it on right now.
$475 shiped.
I also have a 05-06 gsxr 1000 power commander I would sell for $180 shiped with the exhaust.


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