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Im new to this site, got a 02 gsxr 750, just got a nice new paint job.

I put the tank back on and the plastic, went out for a ride...made it about five miles and the bike just died out. I was stuck in a parking lot for 16 hours...tryna figure it out.

-Bike will crank but not start

-Batt is good and I recharged it to make sure...

-Replaced spark plugs (old ones were in pretty bad shape) the cyclinders didnt appear to be flooded, but im not 100% sure on that

-Oil was a liter low, so i refilled back up

-The coolant resevoir does not appear to have oil in it (i dont know how else to check it besides the resevoir)

I am a diesel mechanic in the ARMY but i am def not a bike mechanic. My friend said it may be the head gasket?

anyone with any help? or suggestions?


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I'm no mechanic by any means but it could be a fuel problem. Clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump/blown fuse or maybe bad gas and/or water in the tank? Maybe others can offer more suggestions.

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