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03 gsxr 600 What are these welds here(both sides)? Frame doesnt seem comprimised but former stunt bike

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Any ideas?
Given the age and therefore chances of finding low-priced used frames, I'd find one and swap it all over.

Pretty sure it'd be a zero to negative cost effort, will add value to the bike, I reckon.
How the flux is it legal in the States to sell that with papers? Over here that would be a write off and destroyed.
Meh. That is a mighty (and not bad looking) weld and probably stronger than the original.

You've been exposed to too much UK 'Health and Safety' for your own good!

Still, the question in my mind is less that welding and why it was done in the first place. Might even just be strengthening to avoid flexing?

I mean, if you want to get all HSE over it, what about that massive hole in the front to let air through? :)

I'll stick with my original proposal; get a good replacement frame and swap the bits.
It's the cracks in the frame that Alexi linked that concern me, not the original post :p
Ah! (y)

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1 - 3 of 12 Posts