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06 gsxr 600

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purchased 3weeks ago, when I took full custody of this troubled youth. It ran. But wouldnt idle. And it did go into gear..despite the hole in crankcase... non ridable... salvage gotten for cheap. Needing a project. This is the beginning.

In the last few weeks
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Ment to say... I never considered myself an auto guy. Mechanical inclined... meh maybe... but I build houses for a living never been in this deep. Splitting crank cases, new crankshaft. I thought I was in over my head. Until tonight... finally got her all back together. Minus fairings... and she cranked over. Didn't start. But just the fact she cranks... super stoked... but I have an issue... so I got some fuel in the tank and hooked it all up... ready to attempt to get her to run... welll as I was cranking, it wierd it just sorta slipped and no. More engine engagement... something is Def spinning but it ain't the engine. Can anyone help. K6 600
1st off, welcome to the forum; always good to see another NorCal rider on here.

2nd not fully understanding what you mean by “slipped”. Sudden loss of display is one thing but sudden loss of engine management?

When you thumb the starter switch clearly your starter is rotating, but is the crankshaft rotating? IE, is the starter fully bolted in and engaging the sprag clutch?

If the starter is fully secured, it is possible the sprag is worn and in need of replacement. I don’t know how common it is on post 2005 GSXRs though. I have a number of other bikes and have replaced sprag clutches on 2 of them. One with half the miles of the other.
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Welcome to the forum. I like the red colorway.

As Yellow said, could be the starter sprag clutch. Just pull the cover off on the starter gear side and see what is, and is not, turning.
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