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I found the below on another forum and was told I could post it on other motorcycle forums, so spreading the news.

If you have an account on here, you can get $10 off regular price on CurveChasers Trackday at Putnam on 8/2/09.

1. Your account must be older than this post, so no creating an account to get the discount.
2. You must also post a message in this thread. This way I know you didn't just get on here and look up a username.
3. When you sign up, put your forum username in the comments field.
4. You will need to sign up for the full price. Once I verify the above items I will credit you back the $10.
5. Can't be used with any other discounts or offers.
6. If you find a way to trick me, then you deserve the discount anyway :D

If you fail to follow the above, sorry no credit :(
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