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after visiting many boards and listening to many people. I did take your guys advice about driving a smaller bike for beg. drivers. For the past 18 months I have been driving a used 250CC and a 500CC bike. Both of them are kawasakis.

I have been in one accident (nothing serious) just an abrasion on my left foot, and some cuts on my wrist.

I drove the 250 for 8 monthes and the 500 for 10. I logged in almost 9 thousand miles between the two and now I feel comfortable enough to get my first brand new streetbike.

When I first got my liscence I wanted an R1 or GSXR1000. If I let my immaturity get the best of me I could have been dead. Getting a smaller CC did not hurt my ego it made me a better rider.

Im now debating between a slightly used 05 Busa or a new R6.
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