Hi All, selling my early 750 to free up space for other projects. She's really a good bike, I put her together in 2015. Bought her without the plastics and modeled her after an article Don Canet wrote in an old Cycle World where they talked about cheap sportbikes... Anyway, below is the copy I have on CL and FB. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks, michael

1986 GSX-R 750 rat-racer, café, street-fighter, wasteland hot rod. Battle-scarred and mighty.

Mechanically very sound. Doesn’t need anything to ride right now. Upgraded with 34mm Mikuni flatsides, Hagon rear shock, .90 kg/mm Sonic fork springs, period-correct “patina is cool” Yosh pipe.

Cosmetically… well… look at the pics. No factory bodywork and it’s lived a life. Tank paint stripped, and cleared. Bullet fairing off an early Guzzi LeMans for added toughness. Taillight off some old Honda. Showing at the moment 18,230 miles, but who really knows.

Yes, I have clear title. Bike is registered and insured thru Hagerty and I ride it daily when weather allows.

Runs well and the flatsides perk it up nicely. It’s a badass classic rat-rod that won’t worry you to ride daily. Owned it since 2013 and has been gone through front to back around 2015. Could use a bath but it is the most reliable bike I own, only selling it because I have other projects that need doing.

I have a few spares, like the original headlights and bracketry, but again, none of the plastic. I also have the original bank of carbs, but the diaphragms look like a window screen.

Flaws for full disclosure: Tires are good, but old. Chain is nearing end of life, not floppy yet, but likely will be by end of this riding season. Can be a bit cold-blooded, but runs very nice when warmed up. I've ridden it as far as Louisville KY without any issues. And would hop on it tomorrow and do it again ( I might replace the chain first, but otherwise no problem ). I’m not listing cosmetics as flaws – she's earned her scars and is proud of them.

Thoughtful questions from serious, interested parties are always welcome. I’ll answer honestly. I’d like this to go to someone who will love it like I do.