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Blue. All stock, with the exception of a blue tinted windscreen and green neons in the wheelwells. Got it back in april as a first bike and have been riding since may, has 14,500 mile on it right now.
It has a good scrape from what I was told was a 20 MPH lowside on the left fairing, no cracks or anything, just a 4 by 4 or so scrape. Little bruise on the right fairing and some other random minor nicks. Not a showbike but it looks good, great first bike.
Hey, first bike, you're going to drop it, why not get something that's already been scratched a little.
I've kept good care of it, oil changed every 3k and a filter every other change. No problems with it, starts first time almost every time, if it's real cold out it takes 2 tries but after that it's great.

I'm in Brockton MA but willing to travel around, PM me, e-mail me ([email protected]) or call the cell, (508) 345-5784.
Asking $4000/OBO
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