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2004 b/w ground wire off side clip stopping fuel pump ?

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Hello, ok b/w wire coming off side harness on 2004 gxsr 750 I believe it’s a ground wire , i need to know where the wire runs too once it leaves the electrical clip , my fuel pump isn’t working , and I remember when I looked earlier befor this mess, that it had blackened , or shorted out, but I need to check I where it grounds to save me a ecu problem
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That B/W wire is the ground wire for the front electrics. If it was bad then your dash will
not turn on. And most of your front lights won't work either. But it should not effect the fuel

What's happening with your bike?
Fuel pump not turning on , if ground is not working for kickstand sensor, which is connected to black and white on side harness , wouldn’t that cause fuel pump to. It turn on? Everything else besides headlight works in front though
The B/W wire behind the left fairing connector is the ground for the front electrics. If it was bad
then your bike will still start and run as normal

If the ground for the kickstand sensor is bad then yes, the bike will not crank or start or run.(if in gear)

But, lets get back to basics.
Is this how you bought the bike? Not running? When did the problem start?
When you turn the ignition switch and kill switch on, what does the dash say? CHEC or FI or temp?
Bike was overcharging one night , and died , so replacedBattery rectifier straighter bike cranks but fuel pump doesn’t prime I remember when I change the electrical wires on the left a black wire had been burnt out on the clip I just now put together that’s probably causing the fuel pump not to turn on ,not ECU problem could be wrong, oh it says chec but thought it went away once engine was running , bike cranks, everything works , but maybe moved ground when taking off left fender? Not sure but was about to buy ecu when I remembered the b/w wire that had blackened earlier before I changed clip to just connecting the wire straight , which may have started when I changed high beam wiring to put another headlamp in, basically just snipped the wire and spliced the wire into a halo bulb, ok this stupid shit I did say before I had to go through this so I’ve grown from jimmy rig so hold ur insults whoever is reading , lol not the guy giving advice thank you
So do you get “chec” when cranking the bike or if you turn on the ignition and wait five seconds or so?

If that’s the case, the ECM is not powering up/receiving signals.
Could that be from ground wire in side harnness not grounding kickstand switch? , which is connected to front eltronics ?
do you have “chec” when cranking the bike?
This was the question.
yes sorry it stays on check when key is on and when cranking , but I believe it goes away when it starts but right now it’s just cranking, I even bypassed the relay and pump turned on , but still didn’t turn over so I think it’s more then just pump not turning on
If it says "CHEC" then the ECU is not receiving either power or the signal from the ignition barrel. This is why the fuel pump doesn't work. Forget the sidestand and clutch switches for now, this would not generate "CHEC" on the dash.
Just to clarify, the clutch lever switch will not cause the ECM to not be powered up (showing CHEC) but the side stand switch, side stand switch relay and kill switch can. As well as the wiring and connectors between them.
If you get chec with the bike on and not cranking, check the kill switch wiring and contacts for corrosion.
Yes I’ve done that, ok guys I don’t know what to do… fuel pump won’t prime , Nurtreal light nor headlight is not working , I’ve jumped the pump and pump turned on , I’ve checked relay , all fuses , kickstand switch , can someone please give me a list of what do do before I have to buy new ecu
No neutral light? Silly question, but are you sure it's in neutral? Being in gear with the stand down will prevent the pump working.
Yes I’m sure I have it on a bike stand so back wheel is on nutreal
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