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Apologies if someone has made a post about this but I'm new and don't know how to search for specific posts.
I have a 2006 GSXR 600 that I recently bought from a guy. He let it sit for close to a year, didn't ride it and did little to no maintenance on it, so I got a really good deal on it.

I lifted the gas tank and opened the air filter to find that something has made a nest and chewed through a good bit of wires. I replaced the wire harness, and battery. It has a power commander 3 installed also.

-The gas tank primes and is creating pressure (I know cause gas sprayed as I removed the fuel line).
-The spark plugs are fine and are getting spark.
-The power commander doesn't seem responsive (Though I'm not too familiar with them. I reinstalled when i replaced the wire harness but then unplugged it so it would be one less trouble shooting step. So the power commander is not plugged into the fuel injectors)
-The closest I got to starting it was when I sprayed starter fluid into the intake.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I'm stumped on what to do next as far as troubleshooting on how to get it started/ running. Appreciate the help.
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