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I bought this wheel from eBay and it said that is was for a 750. However, that turned out to be false. This is for a 09-13 1000. The bearing sizes are different between the two bikes and I am not sure how to make it work. Unless anyone has any advice, I am selling this bad boy. It is new and was never mounted on the bike and never saw the road. I did mount a tire when I thought it would fit. I am asking 150 shipped for this beast. It is powder coated high vis yellow.

Did some research, and this will fit a 2009 750 and 600 as well.

After more research, I found out that this rim is a Chinese piece of crap and isn't worth risking anyone safety. Arashi is the name of the wheel, so buyers beware of that name. I have been bamboozled by a jackass on eBay and have learned an expensive lesson.

Moderators can leave this here for a while so the word gets out or they can delete it. Either way this rim is no longer for sale.

Sorry for taking up space.

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