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When you're one of the most popular platforms for superbike road racing success, how do you out-do yourself? In the case of the ultra-victorious Suzuki GSX-R1000, nothing less than a ground-up overhaul was in order. The 2009 Gixxer liter machine underwent such comprehensive redesign (though it looks remarkably similar to '08) that Suzuki refers to the update as "a full model change."

Whether or not this smacks of some rightly deserved aloofness will be up to you: Essentially, Suzuki perceived the task of crafting its new liter-class missile as a challenge in delivering a bike with the performance to exceed "… its biggest rival – the current GSX-R."

The phrase "total balance" is bandied about routinely in press materials for the new bike. Integral to achieving this target of perfect symbiosis between powerplant and chassis, the 999cc mill is now all-new. Much of the engine's re-make conforms to the mandate set forth by Suzuki that "close-to-ideal" chassis dimensions are the driving force behind the heavily re-vamped liter bike.

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