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  • NewYork

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • TwoBit

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • ExtremeTerror/Soundwave

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Teen

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  • ItDiesToday

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  • rw780

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January – Mina
With 55% of the votes Mina is January BOTM

Year: 2006
Model: Suzuki GSX-R 600
Engine size: 600 CC
Pipe: Full Akrapovič EVO Exhaut
Seat: Woodcraft Custom Cut Pad for SBK Tail
Wheels: 17" Marchesini Forged Aluminum W/ Ti Hardware

Accessories / Other Modifications:

1. Sharkskinz Bodywork W/ SBK Tail
2. Ohlins TTX / 30 MM Cart Kit / Damper
3. Brembo RCS / Spiegler SS lines / Ferodo XRAC Pads / BrakTech Axis Cobra Rotors / MMR Rear Lightweight Rotor
4. Woodcraft Clip ons / Rearsets / Engine Guards / Frame sliders
5. Motion Pro Quick Turn Throttle
6. Motoholders Fairing Stay (not pictured)

And the story:
My first bike was a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R 750, it wasn't until I started riding "aggressively" that I decided to take it to the track. Instead of risking writing off my street bike, I bought a 2005 CBR600RR as a dedicated track bike. While it was a capable track bike, it never felt right for my 6 ft frame. Sold it in the fall of 2013 and bought a 2006 GSX-R 600 that was basically stock. Took my time putting it together over the winter months.

Some photos:


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Congrats to tuctowngsxr for taking almost half of the total votes!

Year: 2008

Model: gsxr

Eng size: 600

Pipe: full yosh R55 exhaust

Seat: stock

Wheels: stock , tires Dunlop q3

Accessories/other mods: flashed ecu, aside from that mainly stock, as i use it as a daily rider

No real dramatic backstory. Shes my 3rd. Started off on an 04 gsxr back in 04. Had it for about 3 1/2 yrs before selling in 07 due to life lol was off a bike until march of 14. Purchased an 07 cbr 600rr which i kept for about a year before selling. Wasnt planning on getting another bike til i saw this one, was love at 1st sight minus the white wheels which r an absolute pain lol


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Congrats 787 on the big win!! With 39% of the vote and a close race you secured your spot.

Eng size:599
Pipe:yoshimura trc ss
Accessories/other mods:scorpio i500
And the story:eek:nce upon of time...:)))


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With a tight lead on first with 47.62% of the total vote.

Congrats New York!


Bought October 2014, highsided September 2015, made into track bike only January 2016.

I have to thank my boy AJ aka clean02 on this forum for helping me build this bike. If it wasn't for him it wouldn't look so pretty and feel so awesome whipping it around the track.

Penske Triple Shock
BSB replica Race Fairings-from the best company ever!
Scorpion Tagma exhaust
Flashed ECU
Pipercross Filter
Silver Powdercoated Rims
Vortex Rearsets
Vortex Clip ons
Rev2 Throttle
R1/R6 Calipers
R6 Brembo Master Cylinder
Yoshi Case Savers
Silver CF rear fender
FP levers
CF Gauge trim
CF tank Pad
CF Gas Cap
CF Top Crown Trim
Eazi Grip Evo tank grips
Spiegler F/R lines
Woodcraft sliders
Woodcraft spools
Driven Axle Block sliders
ZG DB screen
Bridgeport Angled Valve stems
R/R relocator bracket
Dunlop Q3/Pirelli Supercorsas


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With 50% of the total vote, Two-Bit has taken the May spot.


I'm almost done with my bike, but I'll add my submission anyways. I'm adding the Brembo GP4-RX calipers with the Brembo HP rotors this week. That should finally complete it.

Purchased this from a good friend of mine who no longer rides just this past December. I decided to use this for track only having coming back from a 4 year break due to a baby. I was fortunate to have met a racer who happened to be parting out his bike with all top shelf parts. Here's my list of mods:

- Woodcraft keyless ignition
- Woodcraft stator cover
- Woodcraft clutch cover
- Motion pro quick turn throttle
- TechSpec3 tank pad
- Removed light switch
- Lightech rearsets
- Yoshimura R7 full system
- Velocity stacks
- Ohlins TTX36
- Ohlins 25mm cartridge
- Ohlins steering damper
- R6 Monblock brake calipers
- Bazazz fuel management, traction control, and quick shifter with handle bar control
- Marchesini aluminum forged 10 spoke
- Brembo RCS19
- Brembo Clutch lever

I'm probably a slow A, fast B pace rider at this point since I'm just getting back to doing trackdays. I am in no way riding to the potential of all the bling parts I have, but I don't care. I just love wrenching on my bike and building it the way I like it. It's so therapeutic to work on my bike and I take joy in doing that as well as riding it.


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Congratulations to this wise guy who nailed down almost half of the votes...

Extreme Terror

2006 GsxR 1000 aka my nightmare bike

Bought her 100% stock with 99 issues and 98 striped bolts. It's been a long road to recovery with her but I can honestly say out of all the bikes I've ever had, this is my all time favorite. I love everything about my bike and feel like she's finally starting to love me back. There's still a lot of work to do and hopefully next winter I'll be pulling my motor out again for the turbo build. I have a complete k03 turbo kit that's been collecting dust because I refuse to run boost on stock internals. My plan is to run an aem live tune which will allow me to run boost by gear. Im looking at running a max psi of about 13-14lbs. Im building her for a daily rider that's also about 300hp and boosted to sh!t ... she'll be going after zx14s at the drag strip

For those who don't know, all my powdercoated parts were done by a good friend of mine who passed away last year before we could finish. We were going to powdercoat my frame red and ceramic coat my turbo parts and head and block black. I have officially dedicated my bike to him and hope he can look down and see her when she's finally finished.

Id also just like to thank all the haters globally. Without yall, none of this would be possible.

Sooo without further ado ...

It'll be easiest to break down my mods by color from front to back ...


Matte black paint job
spike kit
Gsxr front brake reservoir cap
smoked hot bodies led blinker mirror block offs
Crg rc2 levers
Motion pro revolver throttle mod with mp kill switch
Pro bolts ... pro bolts everywhere
Shogun no cut frame sliders
Painted sides to radiator
Gsxr engraved stator cover
Spiked oil cap
Vortex rear sets
530 ek chain
Vortex sprockets (-1/+2)
Powdercoated rear brake rotor
Evil swingarms chain guard
Steel braided brake lines
Smoked led blinkers and taillight


Powdercoated lips of my rims
" front brake rotors
" upper triple tree (not installed yet, it's set up to mount my boost and afr pods)
" gas cap
" subframe
" evil swingarms 14 over swingarm
" rear brake reservoir cap
" pass foot brackets
" rear set shift linkage
" evil logo in chain guard

Other mods:

Head port and polish, block resurfaced, rc performance head gasket, drag pak clutches, new oem cam chain and back to oem cct (may try the ape again with blue's advise), k&n air and oil filters, megaphone exhaust, Speedo healer, 90° valve stems, invisible balance beads (that I'll never buy again), decepticons sticker (+5hp), shinko hook up rear tire, Mobil 1 synthetic oil (changed almost every thousand miles), adjustable lowering links ... I'll edit forgotten stuff in

Hopefully not too distant future plans to finally finish her:

Respray to a matte red and black scheme
Woosner or wiseco turbo grade pistons, rods and rings
Ape worked crank shaft and head studs
Aem live tune (will be selling my 2 power commanders for it)
Ohlins front forks and rear shock
Front strap
Stomp grip tank pads
Back up camera
Install my K03 turbo kit!!!!!!!


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Teen took July with 61% of the Vote! Congrats Teen and thank you to all of the voters who make this a success.

Year: 2011
Model: Gsxr
Eng size: 600
Pipe: M4 CF street slayer
Seat: single w/ rear cowl
Wheels: stock
Accessories/other mods: Yoshimura frame sliders, case savers. Driven mirror block offs, bar ends, rear spools, Sprocket w/ EK chain. Zero Gravity Corsa wind screen. Woolich Racing log box V3. Zeitronix wideband o2 sensor. Ape chain tensioner. K&N air. Pair/ Set delete. Michelin PP3s.

And the story: Im entering july 2016 BOTM because i bought the bike in July 2011 so its been 5 years since ive had her. I bought the bike new. Walked into the dealer thinking i would purchase a used 250. sat on a zx6r and thought it was cool. sat on the gsxr and never looked back.

This is my first bike, rode it off the lot with 0 miles on the clock and she now sits at 37,000 miles. Ive done every bit of maintenance on this bike myself, including tire changes, clutch and just recently a valve adjustment. I find working on the bike just as enjoyable as riding it. I did the exhaust my self which is a custom fit. The pipe is for an '06 gsxr 600 so it took some fabrication but it came out pretty much how i envisioned. I love this bike to pieces and i feel like it loves me back.

looking to the future i want to do brake lines, pads and rotors this winter. My goal is to eventually track this and buy a busa with bags to do some road trips with.


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ItDiesToday won with 68% of the vote.


Year: 2011
Model: GSXR
Engine size: 600cc
Pipe: Yoshimura R77d
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock
Accessories + Mods:

  • Armour bodies race fairings with SS tail
  • Paint by Gawler Motorsports
  • Vinyl by Absolute Vinyl
  • Bauce Racing Dyno Tune and Flash
  • 110 RWHP on 93 | 113 RWHP on MR12​
  • Motion Pro Quick Throttle Kit
  • Renthal Clip-ons
  • Stock light, mode and kill switch delete; replace with R6 start/kill switch
  • Brembo RCS19 with Brembo reservoir kit
  • Mad Scientist Moto shorty clutch lever
  • Pair valve removal mod
  • Woodcraft key switch elimination harness
  • Ktech 25SSK RDS Front fork Cartridge
  • Ohlins TTX MK2 shock
  • Vortex Gas cap
  • Vortex Rearsets
  • Annitori Quickshifter
  • Dynojet PCV
  • K&N Race Filter
  • Braketech AXIS Iron Rotors
  • Ferodo XRAC brake pads
  • Lightech chain adjuster
  • Vortex front and rear 520 sprockets in various ranges
  • DID ERV3 520 chain
  • GB Racing engine covers
  • Pirelli Supercorsa SC
  • Tail mod to support hit-air vest
  • XT Racing GPX Zed
The story: I first started riding in 2011 on a 2008 Ninja 250. I rode the bike for probably 8 months and decided that I wanted to upgrade. I ended up purchasing my 2011 GSXR 600 in 2012 with approximately 1.1K miles on the bike. The previous owner felt it was too slow and traded it in for a R1 at the time. Since purchase, the bike currently sits around 8.4K miles on the odometer with the majority of the mileage coming from track time and different gearing therefore the mileage is off by probably 4-500 miles. I converted the bike to complete track form in 2014 and complete race trim this year. I have not ridden on the street since 2014 and am reconsidering to get back on the street on a KTM.

How she looked after winter this year.

After putting a hole in the radiator while shaking down the bike in preparation for the Team Challenge at Summit Point at the end of this month.

After 3 hours of looking for a replacement radiator, we decided to use some quick setting JB Weld type of putty and was able to get back on track for two additional sessions.

And then the bird special prior to all the vinyl.

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With 100% of the vote we have a new bike of the month winner! Congratulations!


This is still a work in progress but here it goes...

Year: 2005
Model: GSX-R1000
Exhaust: Akrapovic full system
Fairings: Race fairings (K8 tail), Puig windscreen, carbon front fender + modified SES race front fairing bracket
and modified K7 1000 Motoholders race rear subframe
Wheels: Galespeed Type-R with fully floating Brembo front discs and cut oem rear disc
magnesium PVM rear wheel with a fully floating brake disc
For street - stock wheels with fully floating ISR front discs and cut oem rear disc

Engine/electronics related accessories / mods:
-Full K8 1000 electronics swap
-Custom ECU bin file with deceleration fuel cut disabled
-ECU is fully remapped on a dyno (fuel and ignition maps)
-Custom secondary throttle plate maps to reduce engine braking + all the other normal ECU stuff...
-Modified K8 1000 pistons
-Decked head and block - CR is around 14:1
-APE cam gears and custom degreed K8 1000 cams
-APE ti valve retainers
-Yoshimura valve cotters
-BMC filter
-Short billet velocity stacks in the middle
-Factory pro shift star
-Drilled clutch basket
-K8 1000 hydraulic clutch swap
-PAIR sucker mod
-Woodcraft stator cover
-Carbon clutch cover
-R&G idle gear cover
-K8 1000 radiator with a guard
-Samco radiator hoses
-Relocated Shindingen FH020AA R/R
-A123 battery with an Anderson quick connector
-Woolich Racing Logbox and Zeitronix wideband O2
-Cordona PQ8 quickshifter and DIY shiftlight
-Keyless ignition
-Probolt ti sump bolt
Bike dynoed 178rwhp, a friend's 2015 BMW S1000RR 182rwhp - both on the same dyno, same week and similar conditions.

Other mods:
-Spondon swingarm with a linear linkage, quickrelease axle and Brembo brake caliper
-Modified K5 swingarm bosses to suit K1-K4 1000 swingarm axle
-Modified SU149 Öhlins rear shock to suit the current setup
-K9 front forks with Andreani factory cartridge kit
-K9 front calipers
-ABM upper triple tree + PP-tuning nut
-Renthal clip ons
-Motion Pro Revoler throttle kit
-Brembo 19x18 brake M/C with a folding IRC lever
-Brembo clutch M/C (Ducati 1098) with a folding Gilles lever
-Steel braided lines brakes&clutch
-Lightech rearsets
-DIY exhaust hanger lol
-Ti bolts for brake discs etc...

I probably forgot something. The frame and fuel tank are basically the only stock parts...
The coming winter I'm going to paint the fairings, new exhaust hanger, Yoshimura Type A gearbox, IRC Race traction control,
install easily removable lights and license plate holder.

And the story: I started riding with a Honda NSR125. Sold it and didn't have a bike for 7 years. Then in 2008 I bought my GSX-R K1 750. The normal story, I was planning to keep it pretty stock - you know how it goes. Two years ago I found a cheap K5 1000 engine and a friend fully rebuilt it along with the mods. I did the 1K engine swap using Hybrid racing mounts. A year ago I meat a guy who had a spare K5 1000 frame with a title. He sold it to me for a good price. Swapping the frame was pretty much only reasonable way to upgrade to a newer bike. :)

K1 with a few mods

K1 with K5 1000 engine

New frame

First time riding with this setup

Did my first ever race

Track day two weeks ago

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Congratulations rw78o you are the official October Bike of the Month Winner!

Eng size:600
Pipe:Yoshimura TRS
Accessories/other mods:Tinted Windshield, Frame Sliders, Honda 954 integrated taillight, 2004 Honda CRB600RR Nissin front calipers, 2001 GSXR 1000 Nissin rear caliper, Tank pad, LED intake tube turn signals, Flush mount turn signals, Adjustable clutch & brake levers, Passenger seat cover, Rear spools, 6000K bulbs, Dealer Mode switch, USB charger.

And the story:Bought this bike back in 2012 with only 13000KMs on it, I've always wanted a blue and white GSXR and when i found this bike i knew i had to get it! Bad bad looking for a 13 year old bike !


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Up-on-one-wheel - Congratulations you took this month with 89% of the vote.

All right I'll put mine in here again just for old time sake and to populate this thread a bit.

Year: 2007
Model: GSXR1000K7
- Hindle race Header, Alien Head Pipe
- Galfer SBK Wave Rotors
- Hel Break Lines
- Ohlin R&T forks, Olin TTX rear shock with remote
- Ohlin Steering Damper
- Brembo front and rear Calipers (Brembo Pads)
- Brembo Master and lever remote adjuster
- Custom Painted Rims and Dunlop Q3’s - now (Q2's in the older images)
- Custom Engine & Axel Sliders
- SuperSprox +2 Sprocket, Gold RK 525 Chain
- Vortex Rear Sets
- Yoshi Case Covers
- Hot Bodies Undertail & Hugger
- Competition Werks Pivot Plate Mount
- K&N Filter
- Throttlemeister Bar Ends
- Woodcraft Clip-ons
- Pazzo Shorty Levers
- Luimoto Custom Seat Cover
- Stomp Tank Grips, Custom Tank Pad
- Flashed CPU with custom tune and a redundant PCIII
- All the usual easy mods like the pair valve etc.
- Sporttech Black Windscreen, Hot Bodies Mirror Block Offs, Adaptive TPX Radar with Blue Tooth and LED
- Aprox 10 horse power worth of decals maybe more...
- Some minor motor work for a nice HP increase and close to 45lbs shaved off....this bike is a beast.

Story: This is my 29th bike and the best one I’ve ever had. The back half of the bike has 34,000kms, the front has about 2/3rds of that most likely. It was a real money pit and time consuming machine but I've had fun doing it none the less. I’m an Industrial Designer/Machinist/back yard grease monkey and have enjoyed building and racing bikes for as long as I can remember.
The beast still does 305kph even with the +2 rear sprocket and will lift the front at 180 at 7000 with a simple roll of the magic gas thingy on the right clip-on.
I love all bikes, had 34 in total, 5 at the moment but the GSXR is 1st prize to me!


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K5 LiterBike

Yoshi Carbon Muffler- no SET valve
Z-Bomb TRE
K&N air cleaner
Iridium plugs

Pirelli Tires
Blue lenses on the front and rear turn signals
Fender Eliminator
Blue DID chain


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shameless self promotion!!!

pm me for details on vote bribery ... or maybe I needa ask the Russians? :lol:

seriously tho, I'm honored to even have my bike in here. we have some sexy fawking bikes here on the R!!!

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So here we go again...lets see if the Pissed of Bumble Bee can go further than 2nd place this time. I hope people drop in here and vote, will give me hope that this place hasn't been abandoned for Facebook like so many others. Best of luck to everyone else.

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Truly some fantastic BOTM this past year :clap:

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Lots of really sexy bikes in here, I'm proud that one of them is mine! Just gotta keep it shiny side up this coming track season :grin
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