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I bought 2 tickets as soon as they went on sale. The person who said they were going with me backed out. Still looking for someone to go with me, but either they don't have the time off work, the money, or they're just a pussy.

I'm riding the whole way. Leaving Indy on April 1st, and riding to Memphis. Second day the rest of the way to Austin. Tenting at KOA campgrounds every night. Leaving the Monday after the races and basically the same plan home. My route has no interstates with a couple exceptions for crossing the Mississippi river. Since I'm taking the Harley, I've got plans to hit several HD dealerships to pick up a poker chip. Will make good stops for rest too.

Things I still need to figure out is what to do with the other ticket. I'm still pushing friends to ride with, or maybe a forum member nearby to sell it to and hang with. I also need to figure out parking for the track and what to do after the races.

So anyone in or around Austin want to hang out at or after the races?
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