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Goes on twice a year, 1st Sundays in May and October- no matter the weather.

This is the official site of the 'run'

But it's not really like any other 'runs', I've heard of or been to anyways.
There is no starting point or time, no massive group ride, etc.
It is recommend you start in Pine Bluff, West of Madison WI., and ride the backroads/twisties to Leland. (It's the only way to get there, and there are over a dozen ways to get between the 2, and everyone takes all of them) You never run into a large group.

MY group I was fortunate enough to 'hang' with, are a few guys I have know from previous years, etc.
We started riding with a group of 7, which then turned into 8, and eventually 9 from PIne Bluff to Leland. A photographer on an '82 CBX (yep the 6 cylinder)

MY gang of seven had: 3 Aprilias RSV4's, Ducati Monster, Kawi ZX7(not R), My K5 GSXR, and an Anniversary Edition R1.
These 7 are all in this line up where we met at the Lumber Inn for breakfast:

Side view of some of the other bikes

My friend Dans New to him RSV4 he had shipped from Cali 2 weeks ago- still has slicks on it! This is the same guy who crashed about 100 meters in front of me on his former Aprilia Tuono he had, when we both crashed out 2 years ago going to this same ride. No repeats of that this year!

3 of our group at the 'lot' in PIne Bluff, thousands of bikes there, every year make and model of just about everything.

We stopped at the Wisconsin River outside of Leland for a photo op:

This year, I didn't take individual pics of all the really primo bikes that I saw, but I did take a pic of this rather outlandish custom one

I set my trip meter before leaving yesterday morning, 330 miles!
All back highway, paved farm roads and twisties! Less than 10 miles of that was on Interstate highways.
ON the way home, I did that road again I had crashed on 2 years ago. (I have ran it many times since then also). By this time I was solo and heading home. I felt I had my fastest, smoothest pass of this road yesterday! The road sand used for the ice/snow was gone, and I could hammer a few of the corners well.
I did notice on the slight uphill right hander the levels off just before the turn had new motorcycle tire skid marks going off that same turn. I stayed focused though on the inside of the corner.

It was an excellent day, running twisties all day with an excellent bunch of seasoned riders. I was honored to have ridden with them.

On one of the roads we wanted to use to get to Leland, there was a local fire department had the road closed. At Leland, we were told it was for a helicopter landing, for a crashed/downed rider.

If you're ever around Madison/Milwaukee WI in early May, or October- this is one you don't want to miss.
It's free- as in no entry fee, and all the concessions are very reasonably priced!
A great time for all!
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