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here is my story. May 21st i layed my bike down. I was riding on a back road, and pulled the front up. When i put the front down i experienced the normal shimmy of the front end, only this time it didnt stop. It on got worse. the bike wobbled back and forth as i tried with all my mite to hold on. Unfortunately i was unable to recover the woble and had to bail to aviod crashing into a fence.

The bike took a significant amount of damage (i.e front cowling, gas tank, wind screen, scatches to plastics, and a few odds and ends). i do not have full coverage on my bike becuase of its cost. I can not decide whether or not i want to sell it or fix it. So ive decided to post it here. If a nice offer is thrown my way, i will sell it. If not, this should get the word out that there is a kid looking for parts.

here is what you get....
1998 Gixxer 6000. 22,000 miles. Blue and white. Yosh RS-3 polished pipe. Plastics are scratched but servicable. the bike starts right up and runs as it did before the crash. This bike would make a good track bike or a rebuildable. title is good.

front fairing w/stay
wind shield
head light
brake resevior (on clip on)

email me for pictures at [email protected]
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