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Periodically I run into this problem, hoping someone can help me diagnose and fix it.

On a 92, GSXR 1100 the RPM reading does not match the engine sound or speed.
If idling, the motor sounds very slow but RPM reads 1500-2000. Yes I can hear the difference, the problem is intermittent and i know how it sounds when idling normal around 1200 RPM

In top gear, it normally reads 6000RPM at 140kph when it acts up it reads 7000-7500RPM

At slow speed in traffic, it feels unstable/unbalanced and wants to tip and fall. When running normal, it is so much easier I can ride it like police officers in a parade.

Also 90 degree street turns become harder to negotiate when it is acting up.

I am thinking this is a misfire, Or choking and gasping for air, or clog in the fuel system that causes the engine to run rough.

Before I start spending money on unnecessary parts, has anyone experienced this?


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I have had a misfire cause surging and uneven idle. I have an '89 1100 and unfortunately the tach starts at 3000 so determining what I am really idling at is tough. First thing I would suggest is a good carb clean and adjustment if it hasn't been done already. You may also want to check the intake boots for leaks and go through your vacuum hoses as well.

I found the plastic clip that holds the choke rail in place just inboard of the choke knob had popped out and what I thought was no choke was actually half choke. That made a great difference as well.
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