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Harel Karavani
Owner of &
Passed away on April 16 2005
rode 02 gxr 600
He was traveling south on a city street at 8am on his
way to meet his wife. They were meeting at a shopping
center. About a block before the center, there was a
truck on a perpindicular street to the road he was
traveling on who was supposed to be stopped until
traffic was clear. The drivers intention was to get to
the other side of the street. He rolled the stop sign,
didn't really pay attention to see if the road was
clear, and clipped the back of Harel's bike throwing
him to the ground. His neck snapped and he was killed
instantly. It's just so so tragic. What hurts
furthermore is the fact that the driver tried to take
off after the incident. How could someone be so
cruel???? How can you continue living life with the
thought of what you did?
his funeral information will be posted on
they might have the funeral on tue if you would like
to attend go to his websiite and look for the funeral
information ..

For more information visit HERE. will be down for one day in remembrance of Harel.
We will return on Tuesday.

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Sorry to hear that man, My condolences go to his Wife and family.

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I was going to post this. I personally didn't know harel nor did I ever get a chance to meet him. I saw him a few times at bikenight. Its very sad to hear this.

Didn't get a chance to attend the service (about over 40+ people). His parents asked that those that rode with him ride to the service. I didn't make the service because I had to work, but I attended the meeting in the morning where everyone met up early and then rode to his house then the cemetery. Just a very sad day cause a rider in our area went down. And it just lets you know, it could happen to anyone.

So everyone out there ride safe. RIP Harel
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