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I had a PC3 and it shorted so I sold it to someone who thought they could fix it. I forgot to save my old map out of it that I had tuned on the dyno. I ordered a PCV and im behind on bucks for the auto tune at the moment. Does anyone have a map I could use for either PC3 or PC5?? I dont want to ride the bike the way it is without a decent map, im sure its quite lean. lol. Ill give yall the specs on my bike so you can see if you have a map that would be ok for me for about 3 weeks. If your sending me a map please include the mods you had done to your bike or some kinda info besides just a map file.

Thanks in advance!!

06 GSXR 1000
RCs performance ported head
04 intake cam on exhaust side degreed to 105/107
Yoshi TRC full exhaust
BMC race
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