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New York!!! With a tight lead on first with 47.62% of the total vote.

Congrats New York!


Bought October 2014, highsided September 2015, made into track bike only January 2016.

I have to thank my boy AJ aka clean02 on this forum for helping me build this bike. If it wasn't for him it wouldn't look so pretty and feel so awesome whipping it around the track.

Penske Triple Shock
BSB replica Race Fairings-from the best company ever!
Scorpion Tagma exhaust
Flashed ECU
Pipercross Filter
Silver Powdercoated Rims
Vortex Rearsets
Vortex Clip ons
Rev2 Throttle
R1/R6 Calipers
R6 Brembo Master Cylinder
Yoshi Case Savers
Silver CF rear fender
FP levers
CF Gauge trim
CF tank Pad
CF Gas Cap
CF Top Crown Trim
Eazi Grip Evo tank grips
Spiegler F/R lines
Woodcraft sliders
Woodcraft spools
Driven Axle Block sliders
ZG DB screen
Bridgeport Angled Valve stems
R/R relocator bracket
Dunlop Q3/Pirelli Supercorsas


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Super Moderator
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Congrats sir. Great bike.

Congrats man, very clean yet flashy look!
Totally deserved it.

See? I told you you have one of the best looking bikes on here!
Well deserved. Congratulations Sir.
Thank you very much fellas! I must say the bike def gets attention. Went to the track this past Monday and had numerous people asking me about it...was fun to explain. Despite the issues with the fairings, the bike is awesome! :grin looks nice and is a blast to ride!

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I Never want to hear the word Auctmarts again after this build. But damn it looks badass! Congrats Brother
LOL! Thanks bro! This is the guy who made the bike look and ride like it does. Quick plug for you: If anyone needs work done on their bike and live on or near Long Island, this guy does great work and WAY cheaper than a dealership will charge you. Check my build thread out he's the one responsible for the build. I'm learning from him.
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