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This is taken directly from CCMS. Please visit them for more information. Support the fight it will be a matter of time before this spills out to other states if it passes in NY. This goes out to all riders doesn't matter if you own a suzuki, Yamaha, Kawi, etc... or a cruiser. PLease pass this along to everyone. Thank you
From CCMS:

Many thought that if they did not live in NYC they would not be affected by Intro 416a. As we predicted it would not always be limited to NYC we are now faced with a new bill. This bill will affect the entire state of NY this bill is Proposition A 05980 this bill seeks to not only amend the existing laws but will add point to our licenses. If this new bill passes at the state level it will enable the City to Re-introduce Intro 416a.
Visit to view Prop A 05980

Now is the time to call your Assembly members and ask them to vote NO on Prop A 05980. To find out who your Assembly Member is visit enter your zip code to get the name and contact information of your representative. Call your representative and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to see them at their district offices.

Proposition A 5980 targets all motor vehicles and will facilitate the re introduction of Intro 416A.
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