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Year: 2008
Make: Suzuki
Code Name: Black Beauty
Exhaust:Yosh slip on with Olsen racing mid pipe/cat delete
Appearance mods: lows of PC parts(black), custom graphics (R, tail, swing arm, rim tape,), bar ends, levers, frame sliders, CF accents around cluster, reservoirs, gas cap, frame bolt plugs, and much more I'll never remember.

Story: This bike is affectionately called the million dollar 600 by some of it's closest friends and you will soon learn why, it's owner, my wife calls her Black Beauty. I started dating my wife in May of 2008, she was already into bikes when I met her, infact she will tell you to this day that she is with me cause I'm the owner of the best 1k ever created(suck it up, it's a fact #TeamK5/K6). She was already a Suzuki girl and even had her motorcycle endorsement already (I did not and had been riding for years SMH). On 10/2/08 I was at work and my phone was blowin up. When I got done I called her to see what was up. She needed me to meet her at the dealership cause she had just bought a brand spankin new K8 600 and needed me to take it home for her. Needless to say at the dealership I locked her down making sure we were exclusive and serious(true story, I was hooked). Before I even got there she had them put on a 2brothers slip on(relax it didn't last long) and a lowered it 4" rear and 2.5" up front cause she's 4'11".
Fast forward a few months and the girls had their first rough patch in their relationship. A list of factors contributed, cold tire, cold day, traffic, unable to stop on a hill cause of short legs etc but the bottom line is she low sided and they went for a long slide into on coming traffic. Rebuild #1.
Insurance covered rebuild #1 and it had to be done at a dealer. On a cold winter day I picked Black Beauty up in the back of my s10 and after only being home with us for a few days before it went to a friend's house who owned a sign company. He had been getting into wraps and decals and such for our car club and he was even doing some graphics on our bikes. He was going to go to town on her bike and use it to show off his work. After all the graphics were done this [email protected] ass decided that for some reason graphics required a test ride(he owned a zx6r himself). He took it for a ride to show it to some friends in the winter with snow on the ground. Which leads us to rebuild #2. He all but totaled the bike, infact the dealership said had it gone through insurance it would have been ever, sign companies aren't insured to test ride bikes, his insurance wouldn't cover it(he didn't have any, his bike was in his parents name) and we weren't going to go through ours, it wasn't her fault and he wasn't covered there either. That friend ship ended when he handed us a check for $8k and sold his bike and truck to pay back his parents.

I know I know...get to the pics. I just thought you should know the story of the million dollar Gixxer, how I met my wife and why Harold isn't my friend any more. Lol. Trust me this bike saw hard times after that too (kicked over in a parking lot, dropped by a LARGE Greek moving it in a garage).


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Yet some how it still looks better then half the bikes on this site....and it's female owned.

I couldn't get any pics cause I wasn't home and it was pouring. I was getting pressure buy you goons to toss it up on like the last day so I dug some old ones up from MYSPACE....that's right. MYSPACE. SMH

Bottom line is ...y'all sound almost as salty as Todd.
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