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Voting time is here! While the politicians sling mud in their campaigns the GSXR riders show us what matters... sexy bikes that are purpose built to haul ass and look good while they do it. The field is small this month but the personality of the bikes is not.

Good luck guys!

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Year: 2011
Model: GSXR
Engine size: 600cc
Pipe: Yoshimura R77d
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock
Accessories + Mods:

  • Armour bodies race fairings with SS tail
  • Paint by Gawler Motorsports
  • Vinyl by Absolute Vinyl
  • Bauce Racing Dyno Tune and Flash
  • 110 RWHP on 93 | 113 RWHP on MR12​
  • Motion Pro Quick Throttle Kit
  • Renthal Clip-ons
  • Stock light, mode and kill switch delete; replace with R6 start/kill switch
  • Brembo RCS19 with Brembo reservoir kit
  • Mad Scientist Moto shorty clutch lever
  • Pair valve removal mod
  • Woodcraft key switch elimination harness
  • Ktech 25SSK RDS Front fork Cartridge
  • Ohlins TTX MK2 shock
  • Vortex Gas cap
  • Vortex Rearsets
  • Annitori Quickshifter
  • Dynojet PCV
  • K&N Race Filter
  • Braketech AXIS Iron Rotors
  • Ferodo XRAC brake pads
  • Lightech chain adjuster
  • Vortex front and rear 520 sprockets in various ranges
  • DID ERV3 520 chain
  • GB Racing engine covers
  • Pirelli Supercorsa SC
  • Tail mod to support hit-air vest
  • XT Racing GPX Zed
The story: I first started riding in 2011 on a 2008 Ninja 250. I rode the bike for probably 8 months and decided that I wanted to upgrade. I ended up purchasing my 2011 GSXR 600 in 2012 with approximately 1.1K miles on the bike. The previous owner felt it was too slow and traded it in for a R1 at the time. Since purchase, the bike currently sits around 8.4K miles on the odometer with the majority of the mileage coming from track time and different gearing therefore the mileage is off by probably 4-500 miles. I converted the bike to complete track form in 2014 and complete race trim this year. I have not ridden on the street since 2014 and am reconsidering to get back on the street on a KTM.

How she looked after winter this year.

After putting a hole in the radiator while shaking down the bike in preparation for the Team Challenge at Summit Point at the end of this month.

After 3 hours of looking for a replacement radiator, we decided to use some quick setting JB Weld type of putty and was able to get back on track for two additional sessions.

And then the bird special prior to all the vinyl.

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I'll keep submitting until I win, lol.

I got this L2 600 in March after selling my FZ-07. It's my 6th bike and my 3rd supersport. No big mods yet, but I have plans. It came with a baffle-less M4 GP slip-on (which I baffled because holy hell) and I just did an R6 throttle tube mod with new Renthal grips. Eventually I'll swap out the sprockets and chain, then get to work on the brake lines and levers. No plans for new discs yet as I doubt this bike will ever see the track (my wife and I have already had that discussion, lol).

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