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I've been riding since about 2008, and ever since I got on two wheels it's been a big passion of mine. Unfortunately back in January of 2014 I was in an accident. Nothing too major, however my bike was totaled and my wrist was shattered resulting in surgery. I seriously contemplated giving it up and leaving the "bike life" but something always drew me back in. Then back in February of this year I was driving down a side street, I normally don't take and otherwise wouldn't have, when I rode by my now gsxr 600. At first sight I fell in love. I went home, dropped off my car, hitched a ride back up there and rode off with it never looking back.

Year: 2007
Model: GSX-R
Eng size: 600
Pipe: Yoshimura
Seat: Stock
Wheels: Stock Powdercoated Royal Blue
Accessories/other mods: Driven 520 sprocket 16/45, EK MVXZ chain, Yoshimura slip on, shogun frame sliders, bmc air filter, vortex oil filter, fender eliminator, custom die-cut decals, custom desert tan powder coat


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In April of 2014 after several months of not feeling quite right, I was admitted to the hospital with a high fever. Six days later I awoke from the medically-induced coma to discover I not only had pneumonia and meningitis, but chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Well, they weren't entirely sure what I had at that point, but that's what it ended up being.

Fast foward a couple months as I was recovering and starting chemotherapy. I'd decided I was going back to the track for the first time after breaking my back racing in 2004. The SV was going to be more of a dedicated track bike and I wanted something larger for the street. After weighing several options, I found a great deal on a 2011 GSX-R750 with only 2100 miles on it. Bone stock except for a Yoshimura fender eliminator. I spoke with the owner a few times and made the deal, picking it up in Des Moines, IA in June.

After owning mostly Hondas, the SV was the first Suzuki I'd owned and this was the first GSX-R I'd even ridden, much less owned. After I was strong enough to actually ride again, I decided I needed to take the 750 to the track. It simply did everything better than any bike I'd ever owned. That made the SV a bit redundant and expendable, so it was sold locally and helped fund the track build for the 750. I first played with Plasti Dip on the track plastic but found a scheme on Yukio Kagayama's All-Japan Endurance bike that I fell in love with and decided, if not to replicate, to be inspired by.

So here's my 2011 GSX-R750 that will be doing both street and track duty. After the year I had, I decided that I would make this bike what I want it to be. Some parts are functional, some are unnecessary and are installed just because I like them. This is a bike for ME.

Parts list (as of 8/26/2015):

Armour Bodies track bodywork
Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen
Paint by Steve Maddox
PopShadow Decals number plates and custom GSXR logos
Diggit Graphics custom vinyl
Yoshimura R77D full exhaust
R&R Racing exhaust hanger
ECU reflashed by Dano's Performance
Bazzaz QS4 quickshifter (to be replaced by Bazzaz Z-FI/TC over the winter)
Bazzaz Z-AFM auto tuner (to be installed over the winter)
BMC air filter (to be installed)
Shorai lithium battery
JRi Shock
Forks resprung, RaceTech BPF Gold Valves, Traxxion Dynamics fork extenders installed by Robert Oliva
Ohlins steering damper
Brembo RCS19 master cylinder
Brembo reservoir
FP Racing clutch lever
Cox Racing radiator guard
Core Moto stainless steel brake lines
EBC EPFA brake pads
Woodcraft frame sliders
Woodcraft swingarm slider spools
Woodcraft case covers
Woodcraft clip-ons and bar ends
Woodcraft brake lever guard
Woodcraft front axle sliders
Renthal medium compound grips
Vortex rearsets
Vortex V3 keyless gas cap
Vortex rear brake pressure switch
Vortex 16 tooth (-1) front sprocket
Driven Racing 45 tooth (OEM) or 47 tooth (+2) rear sprocket (steel)
Driven Racing sprocket nuts
EK MVXZ 520 chain
12oclockLabs SpeedoDRD speedometer calibrator
Fast Frank Racing captive spacers
Fast Frank Racing rear axle guide
LighTech axle blocks/chain adjusters with GP-style lifters
Yoshimura inspection plugs
Yoshimura oil fill cap
Yoshimura steering stem nut
Titanium caliper bolts – Michael Weyant
PSR magnetic oil drain bolt
Evotech rear axle nut
Sato Racing Street Hooks
Speed bleeders
SkutrNet mirror block off plates
Woodcraft shark guard
Stompgrip tank pads (track tank)
TechSpec tank pads (street tank)
Bridgeport 90 degree valve stems

Street version:[email protected]/sets/72157649743627564

Track version:[email protected]/sets/72157651426811110

Track shots:[email protected]/sets/72157656788723990






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Unfortunately, we only have one eligible bike so far due to post requirements. Let's get some action in here.

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what is the minimum post requirement??
supposed to be 50 posts and 30 days membership to enter in BOTM

i think we need to ease up on the rules for it so we can get more entries.

i know it was annoying when pple would join the R, enter BOTM, win then vanish BUT i think its more annoying when we have 1 or 2 bikes running each month.

just my $0.02

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supposed to be 50 posts and 30 days membership to enter in BOTM

i think we need to ease up on the rules for it so we can get more entries.

i know it was annoying when pple would join the R, enter BOTM, win then vanish BUT i think its more annoying when we have 1 or 2 bikes running each month.

just my $0.02
ouch yea thats a tall order and i agree i think there would be more entries. I"ve been a member for some time but i admit i've slacked on the posts.
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