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Hello all, I’m glad to be here, I hope to get riding again so I can share and learn from everyone riding this epitome of motorcycle perfection in my opinion.

I recently had my k6 1000 rebuilt with over sized bearings until I can source a good crankshaft and possibly bottom end.

my bike came back and won’t rev past 4K in gear, and my codes are c24 and 27, it hits that RPM and start to backfire and sputter, along with the fact it’s riding and idling rough, while I was inspecting the plugs and coils, I noticed my bike had misfired in cylinders 3 and 4, to the extent my intake had started melting due to the heat from
the throttle bodies! I’m going tomorrow to see if the Camshaft sensor is the issue, but I have my doubts on if that’ll work, and look at switching out coil packs to see if that makes a difference, but if those two are out the question what should I change while at the shop (I do the work myself but have parts around) to test and see if that fixes my issue, thank you all in advance, this one’s really stumped me
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